Web Application Advanced Technology Project

The objective of this project is to master the programming skill and to acquire the knowledge of advanced technology and object-orientation. To achieve this, handling the rapidly changing technology for web application development, the project regularly studies about the advanced technology for web application and the required skill (e.g. Ajax, FLASH and Ruby) in the relevant area.

The projects members are consisting of those who are interested in web application development or advanced technologies and developers of web systems.

The members are divided into groups with consideration for their experience and carry out development work assigned to each group.

The members cooperate with each other to carry out development when challenges arising out of developmental process. This makes members skill as well as ability of collaborative activity improved.

Products developed by each group are combined to make one application.

This project has already developed a web application. Based on the development, the team reviews the process and structure of the application before they launch the next project. This aims to steadily acquire the knowledge of web development.

This project, in cooperation with other in-house project, is in operation to plan web application available in whole company.

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