Privacy Policy
1. Principle
Personal information is important property belonging to an individual.
  Any person engaged in COSMOSONIC21 Corp. (hereinafter "the Company") should comply with the compliance program regarding privacy policy and handle personal information in an appropriate and safe manner.

2. The objective of compliance program regarding personal information
(1) Establishing the standard for collecting, using and providing personal information in an appropriate manner and the regulations utilizing thereof.
(2) Establishing the code of conduct and concrete rules to protect against and rectify illegal access, loss, destruction, falsification and disclosure of personal information.

3. Organized Activities
To achieve the principle the Company shall implement the following activities.
(1) Bring any board members and employees into compliance with the law and other rules regarding personal information.
(2) Appoint the privacy policy manager and grant him/her the right and responsibility to implement and utilize the compliance program.
(3) Appoint the audit manager and conduct audit.
(4) Improve the rules and management of the company based on the audit.
(5) Request client companies and individuals for cooperation in achievement of the rules.
(6) Post this policy on the company's web site ( to make it accessible any time as needed.
(7) Improve Compliance program as necessary.

4. Handling personal information
To achieve the principle the Company shall implement the following activities.
(1) Collection, usage and provision of personal information
  The company, as an enterprise dealing with a lot of information for providing the software development and information processing services, shall explicitly state the objective of the collection of information to the relevant individuals or entities, when collecting personal information, and handle it in an appropriate manner, limiting the range of usage thereof.
(2) Respect for the rights
  The Company shall respect the rights of individuals regarding personal information and, when requesting disclosure, correction and deletion of that information, comply with these requests in a reasonable period of time and an appropriate manner.
(3) Implementation of security measure
  The Company shall establish the rules to avoid personal information being leaked to outside and falsified, and implement adequate security measures concerning prevention and correction of illegal access to, loss, destruction, falsification, and leak of personal information.

Established on 25 October, 2005
Revised on 30 September, 2011
Katsuyoshi Fukushima, President & CEO, COSMOSONIC21 Corp.

Please contact our "Claim information office" to consult regarding question, complaint and disclosure of this policy.
Claim information office, COSMOSONIC21 Corp.
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  (Phone) 0297-58-5161

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