COSMOSONIC21 believes that there is no way the company can grow unless each and every one of the employees grows. In today's progressive information society, people tend to focus on skills and specialized knowledge, however, we place emphasis not only on technical level but also on personality.

As for learning and educational training, we value individual choice and initiative. We are willing to give supports and opportunities to whoever has an ambition and a desire to learn.

We recognize that personal growth leads to development of a team as well as a company, and the company achieve a bigger goal. It is essential for this purpose to share information, knowledge and experience among all of the employees.

COSMOSONC21 places importance on teamwork. We believe that we can generate a great force by concentrating individual power.

We try to ensure employment stability even under the unstable employment situation, such as change of workers' attitude to work and diversity of employment pattern. Because we want employees to see that COSMOSONIC21 is not only as a source of income, but is also a place to achieve self-fulfillment. We support employees who make effort to achieve their dreams and visions through works, and we also give them opportunities in which their efforts are rewarded. To achieve this, we intend to create an environment in which our employees can keep a balance between their personal lives and careers.

Additionally we aim to be a company that is able to contribute to a society including donations to social welfare corporations, such as the Japanese Red Cross Society and Medecins Sans Frontieres JAPAN.

In highly competitive human resource service business, company's future depends on how to extend our advantage over competitors, and how to add value to our services. We provide rich humanity as value-added service. COSMOSONIC21 is aiming to become "A team of consisting engineers with high skill and humanity."

This will overturn the conventional image of dispatched or contract services that perform only an assigned task upon request of customers. COSMOSONIC21 makes customer satisfaction level the first priority. We voluntarily provide all our abilities to customers with pride as professional. We also think how we can be trusted and be needed by customers, providing not only what they want but something extra for them. Making continuous efforts will eventually result in build our brand value that "COSMOSONIC21 is an indispensable presence in customers".


*Kokorozashi (having high motive, strong believe, strong will, ambition, aspiration)

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